I feel so lucky to have trained at Zamora Boxing Gym for a year. It was here that I really found a love for fitness. Working out had always been a chore in the past, but at Zamora Boxing Gym it quickly became something I looked forward to each day. It was fun for the first time in my life. I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to train with such a motivating and encouraging group of people. I definitely saw results in my time here, and I saw them quickly. I learned discipline and hard work through one-on-one boxing lessons, and what's great is I have carried these newfound habits with me even after moving away. Every time I'm in the Culpeper area, I make a point to drop by the gym for a training session. I can't stay away!

-Cara McCurry

I have been on a lot of teams, with a lot of coaches. Zamora Boxing is more than just a gym. I'm sitting here trying to find the words to do it justice, but I can't. If you want to better yourself both physically and mentally, or you're missing that "team" feeling from when you used to play sports, Zamora Boxing gym is worth a try.

-Josh Logan

This is an excellent gym to train at. Coach Eric, is a great trainer, coach, and friend. I cant think of enough good things to say about this gym.

-Jonathan Hill

Zamora's is an excellent place for anyone... Serious fighter? New to MMA? Or just want a hell of a workout? This place is for you. The environment is great and friendly (You become part of a family). Zamora himself is an excellent trainer. I personally came in with only a background in Wrestling and within three months, Zamora gave me a specific game plan and training ritual. Which led me to my first victory in the cage! You aren't just a membership fee, Zamora invests a great deal in each one of his trainees to insure they get everything they want out of the gym.

-Michael Ramos

Zamora Boxing Gym is a great gym. I've learned a lot being here for three years! I lost weight, got in shape and learned many arts. We have great athletes who will help you achieve your goals. I recommend giving it a go!

-Roque Zapata

4-0 Amateur MMA

135lb OO fight Champion

I have been a client of Zamora Boxing for over three years and I can't praise Eric and the rest of the staff enough for their knowledge, dedication, and professionalism.

Eric has helped me maintain a good level of fitness and also helped me prepare for the Army Ten Miler. The trainers know how hard to push you; hard enough for physical improvement and professional enough to make me want to return.

I highly recommend Zamora Boxing to anyone who is serious about training to compete or just to improve their fitness level.

-Jeff Gossett

When i first started i was happy with just having my heavy left hand but when you get in the gym you'll realize that's not gonna cut it. The coach's are great and you will be treated like family. The equipment is great and up to date. It's a great way to learn and have fun at the same time. i highly recommend this gym to anyone that wants to get into shape like me.

Thank you.

-James Davis

My experience at Zamora Boxing Gym has been awesome! I enjoy the workout. The coaching is excellent! Eric pushes me to perform to the best of my abilities. In eight weeks of training I have gone from 289lbs to 259lbs.
Everyone at ZBG is family! They are all my brothers.

-Will Brill
Culpeper , VA
MMA Fighter 2-0

I have tried several martial arts gyms, but none come close to the level of workouts and knowledge you get here at Zamora Boxing Gym & Warrior Mixed Martial Arts. When I visited other gyms my skills and knowledge never progressed. I felt better training myself at home. Now that I have found Zamora Boxing Gym, I feel I improve after each class.
Another thing I noticed about other gyms is that everyone treats you like an outsider, but not at Zamora's. Once you come into the gym, you are welcomed as family.

          -Anthony Ramey
I am in the best shape of my life and this experience makes me feel great. I like being able to work hard at something and then see the results of my hard labor. I grappled in my first Grappling tournament and won gold. I defeated all three opponents by submissions. I was able to achieve this victory by being pushed hard in my workouts here at Zamora Boxing Gym and believing in myself. I like to compete and Zamora Boxing Gym gives me the opportunity to help me better myself and my future.

           -Dan Moreno
             MMA Fighter 9-2
              Culpeper, VA

I have been involved in many sports and activities, but nothing compares to Zamora Boxing Gym. At Zamora Boxing Gym you get the best work out and you learn new things at the same time. Zamora Boxing Gym is not like other gyms because not only do they get your body in shape they also make you mentally tough. If you have any doubts about the gym just look at the at our stats because actions speak louder than words, thanks to Eric and everyone at the gym I am now the 145lb womens BFC champion. If you come to Zamora Boxing Gym you could be the next champion.

                     Gabrielle THE GABANATOR Holloway 
                   145lb Womens Barbarian Fight Club Champion
                       Professional MMA Record 4-1 
                      Amateur MMA Record  7-0

Back when I started the gym in December I was seriously out of shape and could barely do 25 push-ups. When playing basketball with friends I was out of breath within five minutes. I am thrilled to say that this has changed and I am feeling stronger each day. My stamina has increased and now I can do anywhere from 100 to 200 push-ups and play ball for over an hour. Working out at ZAMORA is like having a personal trainer who helps you to push your limits. The trainers are great and offer a wealth of knowledge. I love the intense MMA class and the people that I work out with. There is nothing like getting into the full size cage. I would recommend this gym to anyone who is serious about getting in shape or joining the Fight Team. All in all... love everything about this gym!

            -Travis Brewer

I highly recommend training at Zamora Boxing Gym. The trainers are friendly and professional. They are willing to work extra if you have any questions or need special attention. The equipment is state of the art and the gym is very organized and clean.
Zamora Boxing Gym offers multiple levels of training for Boxing, MMA, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, Cardio, Conditioning, and Strength training. They offer classes in a group setting or one on one training.
So whether you want to train so you can compete or just for fun and health, the Zamora Boxing team makes it fun and exciting so you actually look forward to exercise and fitness!!

                      -Deb Gossett

A good boxing gym is hard to find. The moment I stepped into Zamora Boxing Gym, I knew I had found a world class gym. The trainers are highly skilled professionals with the experience and dedication to teach the art of Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts. Their training methods are effective and extend beyond traditional training regiments I have been accustomed to. My stamina and endurance has greatly improved in just a short period of time. The trainers and members treat each other with respect and are always willing to assist and critique each other to better develop their skills. I am confident they will help me to succeed in USA Boxing Masters competition.

          -John Brunette
                Amateur Boxing record 3-1

I joined Zamora Boxing Gym in February 2010 to get in better shape and tone up. The workouts are challenging but I think in a few months I will reach my goal. The training at the gym is good and I like the aspect that the staff strives to assist each client at whatever level or goals they may be at. With this in mind, everyone achieves results.

         -Rob Berry

I will begin by saying that Zamora Boxing Gym is unlike any other gym around. You may have gone to other Martial Arts gyms in the past only to realize that the workouts aren't built around you and you may feel a little left out of that small group that becomes known as the "gym regulars" or the "gym family." Not here. Here, the moment you step through the door and commit to working hard you are welcomed into that group with open arms. And with each new commitment, that "small" group grows larger. The workouts are out of this world and while you may struggle in the beginning there is always someone standing behind you to pick you up and encourage you to keep going. From beginners to experts this gym caters to all needs. It great for just getting back into shape if you have put on a few unwanted pounds and for those looking to compete, Coach (as well as the rest of the family) will do their best to get you ready for the competition. I highly recommend not just this gym, but this experience, to anyone looking to break up monotonous day to day routines and get themselves into the best shape of their lives at the same time.

                                -Daniel Roberts

My husband and I joined Zamora Boxing Gym in December. It's hard to express how much we are both into a new mind set. I'm taking Muay Thai, and he's taking MMA. Therefore, we experience two of the gym's programs. I am truly enjoying my new gym family! It has a welcoming atmosphere and the trainers are enthusiastic about helping people. The Owner/Trainer Eric is knowledgeable and AMAZING! There is also support from the other great people who work out here.
As a teacher it is great for stress relief after a long day. I am overweight and desperate to get in shape. I have tried another gym and it bored me to tears. That is definitely not the case here! I love Kickboxing and feel I'll be dedicated to it long term. It is a great workout and it is just the right thing to help me get in shape. The flexibility and the costs are great in comparison with any other gym. If you want to be real about your fitness goals, this is the place for you. I highly recommend this gym!

          -Kristin Brewer
           Elementary School Teacher

The instructors at Zamora Boxing Gym are courteous, patient, and professional. I have progressed in Kickboxing since beginning instruction and I have also lost weight.

The flexible schedule works well and allows me to try different styles such as Muay Thai and Boxing.

The students are enjoyable to train with and make it a great place to spend time learning new skills.


My name is Bishop Walker and I am a tattoo artist in Fredricksburg, Va. What brought me to Zamora Boxing Gym was my love for the sport but even more; my love for myself. What I mean by that is I just wanted to feel better mentally and physically.

I reached my 30th birthday and decided I can either get busy living or get busy dying... little did I know I would be doing both in this gym. They tore me down to build me up... Talk about an excrutiating work out. They also showed me that hard work and dedication pays off. I feel better about myself in all aspects. I go into Zamora Boxing Gym feeling strong and I leave feeling even stronger. And for that I would like to thank my coach; "Eric" and all the guys that help me train to better myself.

No guts. No glory. No pain. No story.

                  Fredricksburg, VA

I have been a member of Zamora Boxing Gym for seven months. This is my second experience in a MMA gym and I am proud to say it has been the best and most rewarding experience. Everything from the members and the great professional relationship I have built to the exceptional guidance of the Coaches and Instructors.
Being physically fit and learning the best way to defend yourself are some of the things you can expect to learn from Zamora Boxing Gym.

          -Juan Vazquez
           145lb Barbarian Fight Club Champion
            MMA Fighter 3-0

I have been a part of Eric Zamora’s gym since December 2007. I am very pleased with his performance and all the hard work he has put into his gym. I have been boxing for 4 years and have been through three different boxing gyms and I have found Zamora Boxing Gym the most educational. He pushes me to be who I want to be and what I want to do.

Zamora Boxing Gym has given me the opportunity to get me my first fights as an amateur boxer for USA Boxing that other gyms did not offer. Just to be in the ring boxing someone is an experience. Eric Zamora finds as many fights as he can within a short amount of time and lets me choose which ones I want to do. He is always there for me when I am ready to fight and most important…hardcore training.

At Zamora Boxing Gym I have a whole new family. Eric is my coach and also my friend. I would recommend this gym to anybody that wants to pursue boxing as a hobby or career.

     -Dante Webster

Culpeper "It's not about the money!" It's 100% work, conditioning, sweat, speed, and stamina. Coach Eric will train you so you are ready for your competition. Remember that you are a reflection of his training, so you will look good. Bottom line... come committed.

        -James Terrell
          Toughman Competition Contestant

I enjoy training with Coach Eric, because he pushes me to my limits and makes sure that my safety comes first. In thirteen weeks that I have trained at Zamora Boxing Gym and have completed his "Boxing workout," my weight went from 240 lbs. to 170 lbs. I am also well on my way to becoming a great boxer. All good things come in time.

       -Dave Murphy

 I started coming to Zamora's boxing gym just a few months ago, and after only a couple classes, I could already see and feel a difference in myself and my skills/abilities.  I highly recommend Zamora's Boxing Gym to anyone that is looking for a different type of way to push themselves, as well as expert instruction in many different areas.  Thanks a ton to the family at Zamora's!

            -Jared Carlson

When I first started out boxing I was not all that good. Eric and Nick are great coaches. They train me hard and I push myself to become a better boxer and kickboxer. I love going to Zamora boxing gym and would not want to train anywhere else.

          -Matt B.

Zamora Boxing Gym