If your tired/bored with your gym and need something new and exciting...
Then we are the gym for you!! Our passion is to help you change your life through fitness!

 Enrollment now open for our Kids Mixed Martial Arts Program!
Enrollment now open for our Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program!


We offer private one on one training Monday-Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

 Enrollment now open for our Kids Mixed Martial Arts Program!

For more information contact
zamoraboxing@yahoo.com or 540-223-5360.

Beginners are welcome!!!!

Welcome to Zamora Boxing Gym!   Our Mixed Martial Arts facility features state of the art equipment and offers expert training. We will train you to live a better lifestyle through fitness! 

Our pricing for memberships are very affordable and reflect our appreciation to our members. Look at our Testimonial Page to read what our members have to say about us!

You can reach us at (540) 223-5360,
zamoraboxing@yahoo.com , or go to our Contact Us page and fill out the contact information.

We offer several classes a week.
Check our Class Schedule page for days and times.

We offer classes in:                                                   
  • Boxing          
  • Brazilian Jiu Jitsu- USA Jiu Jitsu Association (All Instructors are USA Jiu Jitsu Certified belt holders)
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Kids MMA
  • Womens MMA Fitness 
  • Fitness Conditioning
  • Kickboxing/Muay Thai  
  • Fight Team/Competition Team (Boxing, Kickboxing, & MMA)

We also offer time for sparring in all of our Martial Arts and open mat time to work on your BJJ and Submission Grappling.

All of our instructors have competed in one or more of the following: Boxing, Kickboxing, MMA, and/or Grappling tournaments.

We offer classes to adults, teenagers, and kids. Look at our Adult programs tab or our Kids/Teens programs tab for more information.

If you are looking to get into shape we have classes for you! If you are looking to compete then we offer a competition style program that is perfect for you! 
"Our gym is designed to help people get into shape." You do not have to be in shape to join our gym. We will help you achieve all your fitness goals. If you are ready to change your life and be a healthier person then we are ready to help you!


We are the ONLY gym in the area that has produced a Professional Mixed Martial Arts athlete!  Gabby Holloway is currently ranked 8th in the 145 Pound Womens Professional Rankings!! 

I have been involved in many sports and activities, but nothing compares to Zamora Boxing Gym. At Zamora Boxing Gym you get the best work out and you learn new things at the same time. Zamora Boxing Gym is not like other gyms because not only do they get your body in shape they also make you mentally tough.
If you have any doubts about the gym just look at our stats because actions speak louder than words, thanks to Eric and everyone at the gym I am now the 145lb womens BFC champion. If you come to Zamora Boxing Gym you could be the next champion!
-Gabby "GABANATOR" Holloway  
Professional MMA fighter
 3-1 record